8th Grade Football

September 21, 2017

While the temperatures we’ve been experiencing may beg to differ, the sounds of cleats scraping across concrete, shoulder pads clashing against one another, and coaches barking out instructions to their players indicate that football season in upon and us and fall is (hopefully) following quickly in toe.  Hello everyone my name is Robb Koerting and in addition to my responsibilities as the 8th Grade Liberty Team Science Teacher I am the Head Coach of the 8th Grade Football team here at LMS. This marks my 6th year as a football coach at the Varsity and Middle School level and what an honor it is to work with these incredible student athletes.  Football is challenging both mentally and physically and we are fortunate enough to have 35 young men willing to accept that challenge.  For many years football has been referred to as the “ultimate team sport”, eleven players working together towards one goal. I disagree, in my humble opinion LIFE is the ultimate team sport, all of us working together towards one goal, happiness. I love the X’s and O’s of football but what really makes me happy is knowing that we as coaches are given the opportunity to have positive impacts on the lives of our athletes. If you’re interested in seeing the boys play football I encourage you to come out to game, if you want to know how the boys are preparing themselves for the future ask them! Go Lex!