8th Grade High School Orientation

March 9, 2015

All 8th grade students traveled to the High School this Tuesday to get their first taste of what it will be like transitioning to the High School in the fall.  Students met their counselors, went for a tour and had an opportunity to see all the activities and clubs the high school offers. 

Students were split into four groups.  Each group spent time talking about classes and credits, meeting Mr. Jilka and learning about the Endeavors class, took a tour of the high school and met with representatives from each of the extra curricular activities offered.  Students had a great time meeting students from the high school, getting to ask questions that have been weighing on their minds and getting a feel for the layout of the school. 

The 8th grade students will spend the rest of the week working with their high school counselor on scheduling their classes for their upcoming freshmen year.