8th Grade Testing

March 20, 2019

The eighth grade students are entering into several weeks of testing.  We will be testing on the following dates…

3/20/19 – MAP Reading
3/21/19 – MAP Math
3/28/19 – NSCAS Reading (Day 1)
3/29/19 – NSCAS Reading (Day 2)
4/02/19 – NSCAS Math (Day 1)
4/03/19 – NSCAS Math (Day 2)
4/04/19 – NSCAS Science

We have split some of the tests into 2 sessions this year to help eliminate test fatigue.  Our hope is that by keeping test sessions shorter, students can remain focused throughout the entire test.  There are some things that parents can do to help their students be successful test takers.

1.  If at all possible, make sure that your child is in school on these days.  Make-up tests at a later date can disrupt their class routine.

2.  Try to make certain that your child gets a good night’s sleep before testing.

3.  Eating breakfast is especially important for students to remain focused throughout their test session.

4.  Remind your students to do their best, without being stressed.  They have worked hard throughout the year, and this is their opportunity to show what they’ve learned.

 If you have any questions concerning testing, please contact one of the eighth grade teachers.