September 3, 2015

“Attendance is a Priority”

Consistent and strong attendance is as important to your child’s school career as the foundation is to a house.  Without it, there is nothing to build on.

Here are a few reasons your middle schooler should be in school every day:

- School attendance is the law.  Every school district requires students to attend.  The only exceptions are illness or family emergency.
- Missing school affects your child’s grades.  Studies show that when students are not in class to learn, they suffer academically.
- Peer relationships often get started at school.  A child who misses school may have fewer friends.
To aim for top attendance:
- Tell your child that you expect them to be in school every day.
- Schedule vacations during breaks or weekends.
- Schedule appointments for non-school hours or non-school days if possible.
- Don’t let your child stay home from school to avoid taking a test, to catch up on sleep, or to finish a project.

The beginning of the school year is a good time to help your child develop good habits.  Attending school every day is a positive habit that has life-long benefits.