March 19, 2013

Bacteria is Everywhere

Bacteria is a simple living organism and is found everywhere. Students learned that only 1% of all bacteria is a pathogen. A pathogen is one that causes harm. The chain of infection was discussed in class. The chain of infection is causative agent, reservoir, portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry and susceptible host. If this chain is broken then infection will not occur. Students discussed were bacteria lived or the reservoir. How a pathogen enters the body or portal of entry. Finally, a discussions on how to break the chain of infection took place in class.

The students followed up learning about bacteria with an experiment. Students selected two spots in the building they thought would be a reservoir for bacteria. They made prediction, hypothesis, on why this reservoir would have the most bacteria. The experiment continued with students taking a sample of this area with a cotton swab and placing this sample in a petri dish with agar. After a week this sample multiplied, showing students binary fission which is a process of asexual reproduction which was the topic of class in February. Student then compared the data collected with their hypothesis and concluded their experiment.