March 23, 2011

What’s Your Temperature

powerschoolHave you taken your temperature lately? No, I’m not talking about your body temperature. I’m talking about checking out your personal motivation. Spring has sprung and with the warmer weather and sunshine comes the craving to be outside or spend time with your friends. These are natural events that we welcome every year. The problem comes when you lose your focus on your priorities; you know, the chores your parents expect you to do around the house, studying for your math test, or working on your AR goal.

I’m challenging you to take your “school temperature” today.  Make a plan to check your grades at least once a week.  Set a goal to read every night in order to reach your AR goal. Study for your tests. We have about eight weeks of school left.  I know it’s 4th quarter and summer seems to be coming quickly. Every true athlete knows the importance of finishing strong. You may not be an athlete, but you know the feeling of knowing that you did your best.  It’s important to finish your school year strong whether you’re an eighth grader moving on to the high school next year or a sixth grader looking forward to seventh grade. Your grades are important. In fact, your grades determine the classes you will be in next year.

Are you happy with how you are doing in school? Do your grades look good?  What is your GPA? Are you reading your AR books? Do you complete your assignments? Are you doing what it takes to finish the school year strong? School can be challenging but you get out of it what you are willing to put in. Take time to ask yourself if you are going to finish the school year running or will you be content to be the last one to cross the finish line. Your effort is important. It’s not too late to go in and get help in a subject that you just don’t understand. You can still set goals, prioritize your assignments, and activities, as well as find time to make memories with your middle school friends!