Bill of Rights

March 23, 2013


8th grade history students have been learning about the Bill of Rights in social studies.   The two-week unit has been full of an examination of each of the first 10 Amendments.   Students learned the meaning of the amendments and then discussed contemporary issues in the news.   The most heated debates were surrounding the 2nd Amendment, which has caught a lot of news lately, with all the new gun stipulations, law changes, and other proposals. 

The students have asked amazing questions surrounding various rights listed.   After the students were introduced and dissected each amendment, they were introduced to a couple of catchy songs to remember the significance of each.   They played a web-based game where the student played the part of a lawyer, trying to figure out if clients' cases could be heard by a court based upon the various amendments.  The students really enjoyed the game, and were even challenged to score the most points, during the unit.

The students were then subject to a three day project, which forced them to analyze each amendment, and decide which amendments they wish to "alter".   The kids were allowed to alter the wording of any of the amendments, or change them altogether, but had to justify their reasoning for the changes.   The projects were allowed to be made into I-Movie, large posters, or other electronic programs, such as Comic Life.   At the end of the three days, they had to present their projects to their classmates, which led to some interesting discussion points.

The final stage was for the students to be assessed over the material.   We took a test checking for their knowledge, and we're still waiting on those results, as we just finished up the test this week.

This year's class is fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with Mr. Jose Lara, a student-teacher from UNK.  Mr. Lara graduated from Lexington High School, and is in the process of completing his student teaching.   The attached picture shows Mr. Lara working with students from 5th period as they prepare their Bill Of Rights.