January 16, 2012

Famous People

Happy New Year!  Just before we left for Christmas break I introduced our famous person project.  Each student chose a famous historical person from a list that was developed by our school librarian, Mrs. Gustafson.  Students have been anxiously researching their famous person to find five interesting facts that are very unique from each other.  These facts are not supposed to be related, we wanted them to learn and teach us about the different aspects of their person's life instead of focusing on one subject.  After the students have collected five facts and four photographs, they are going to put them into the Inspiration application to present to their classmates and teacher and to their parents during conferences.  Students were notified before Christmas break that they will be required to dress like their famous person so they needed to start brainstorming ideas for their costume.  We can't wait to see them dressed as their character on Wednesday, January 11th.  As always thanks for your support. It is greatly appreciated.