Bringing Egyptian Pharaohs to Life

December 6, 2018

Students in 7th grade social studies classes were recently able to work with a new Application on their IPads called "Talkr" while studying Ancient Egypt.   The "Talkr" application allows the user to create a talking face from an otherwise still picture by lining up key points in the mouth, eyes and eyebrows.   Students had to find a correct image of their pharaoh, and then apply that picture into the application.  This gave the illusion the pharaoh was talking, as the mouth moves, eyes blink, and otherwise comes to life.   Rather than write an essay or report on a given Pharaoh, students were able to research their pharaoh finding important details and information regarding policies, building projects, expansions and other interesting topics. They created a script, and a feature of the application allowed each student to either record their voices as they read their report, or type it out and have the "computer's voice" read it.   Students enjoyed sharing their creations as they varied the pharaohs' voices as their information was shared.   A couple of students commented how much they enjoyed watching other student projects of the various pharaohs, from the famous boy king Tutankhamun to the lesser known Nubian King Shabaka.