Bugs. It's Whats For Dinner

March 3, 2018

Eighth grade speech classes recently completed a presentation using the ACE (Answer Cite Explain) method of writing.  This method, taught to all grade levels, teaches students a structure to formulate answers and responses. For speech class, students read an article, constructed an ACE response, and presented their composition to the class.

The eighth grade topic?  Eating bugs.  We read the article “Would You Eat This” by Kristin Lewis. Students are surprised to learn that everyone around the world eats bugs and our culture is one of the few to turn their noses up at bugs. As always, the students queried, “Would you eat bugs?”  Normally my response is something along the line of, “If you eat them, I will eat them; but I’m not going to eat them by myself.”  Then, because their curiosity is piqued, we often look at edible bugs on Amazon.  This quarter both classes decided to pitch in and buy some bugs! 

We bought as many bugs as we could with the money contributed, divided the lot into bags, and on the appointedday sampled our bugs.   We chose crickets and larvets to get the most bugs to split amongst ourselves.  It was decided that crickets smell like sunflower seeds and larvets have the consistency of rice crispies.  Some taste-testers were more enthusiastic than others, but the event was enjoyed by all!  Even Mr. Wall joined in the fun!  The jury, however, is still undecided if bugs will be replacing beef for dinner.