December 4, 2011

Learning the Different Perspectives of Bullying

            Recently the middle school students and teachers had a chance to attend a one-act play put on by the LHS students here in the middle school's auditorium.  It was a wonderful play put on regarding the topic of "bullying."  The high school students did a great job at keeping the students interested as they used topics that middle school aged students often have to face and go through.  They also did the bullying incident coming from each person involved own perspective.  I had a lot of students come up after the play and they had many questions regarding the emotions that were displayed in this wonderful play.  As we were discussing the play, one of the students who jokes around with another went up and apologized for giving the student a hard time once in awhile, and that he meant it as a joke but now realized that the other student may have not always taken the comments as a "joke."  It's amazing how often teenagers don't realize what they may do with their "joking" comments until they see a visual (such as a play) of the possibilities of what the other person may be feeling.  It was a great opportunity for the students to learn, and even for myself as a teacher to learn about the possibilities that education can give for students to learn something as simple as realizing that not everyone's individual perspective is the same.  I hope to have many more of these opportunities to come, as it was a great experience for all I felt.

By-Jennifer Prososki