Career & College Ready

May 14, 2018

Eighth Graders Take Steps to be College and Career Ready

 For the last two full weeks of the school year the eighth graders are learning all about college and career readiness during their science classes.  Mrs. McCracken, the eighth grade counselor, used this week to talk to them about the transition to high school including a discussion about credits, graduation requirements, and how to start building their resume once in high school.  Students also learned about the different options they have after high school which include attending a community college, a four-year university, joining the military, attending a technical or trade school, or completing an apprenticeship.  The eighth graders were also introduced to the Nebraska Career Education Model in order to learn about the six different career fields of Business, Marketing, and Management, Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Communication and Information Systems, Human Services and Education, Health Sciences, and Skilled and Technical Sciences.  They learned every career imaginable fits somewhere into that model.  In order to learn more about one specific field of their choice, students had the opportunity to attend a career speaker session on Friday, May 11th.  These sessions included a panel discussion with several community members who volunteered their time to come share their career journeys with the eighth graders.  We would especially like to thank our volunteers: Business, Marketing and Management: Amy Owens and Beth Rogers with KRVN, Jill Denker and Bridget Brandt with Lexington Regional Health Center, and Andrea McClintic and Stephanie Novoa with Dawson Area Development, and Stephanie Buell with Pinnacle Bank.  Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: Haley Rogers.  Communication and Information Systems: Dave Schroeder with KRVN and Jessica Rivas with Lexington Public Schools Technology Department.  Human Services and Education: Luke Pinkelman with Lexington Police Department, Joe Pepplitsch with the City of Lexington, Amber Ackerson, attorney for RuralMed, Gloria Simonson, and Scott West.  Health Sciences: Tom and Jen Alexander with Lexington Family Dentistry, Travis Maloley with USave Pharmacy, Katelyn Utter, Jeremy Wozny, Tessa Gall, Tiffany Burkey, and Mallory Dean with Lexington Regional Health Center. Skilled and Technical Sciences: Mark Wall and Doug Klute with Cheever Construction, Randy Rieke and Becky Crawford with Orthman Manufacturing, Cole Brodine with Dawson Public Power, and Mike Maloley and Jared McCracken with MRK Inc.

During the second week of the college and career unit the eighth graders will be learning about financial aid and how to start saving for college.  They will also create accounts on Nebraska Career Connections in order to complete inventories and activities related to more career exploration.  It is our hope and goal that these activities and lessons spark an interest in college and career planning for the eighth graders and allow them to start to have conversations about their future with the adults in their lives.