Classroom Resources

February 28, 2012

"Read, Write, Think"

As I lesson plan each week, I constantly search for new resources to use in the classroom.  While planning a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a remarkable website,  Many components on this website make is a valuable tool in the classroom.

One unique feature of this website is the "Classroom Resources" link.   This link guides you through numerous resources from classroom lesson plans to interactive tools that students can use to enhance their reading, writing, and thinking skills.  I am currently working on a lesson plan that uses interactive resources to allow a group of students to collaborate on a book review.  I have found that the resources I'm using from this website not only help the students put together their information in an organized manner, but also enable a student to begin to use a Spreadsheet function on a computer.  These, as well as many other resources, make the features of this website beneficial in the classroom.

Another component of this website that I find useful outside of the classroom is the "Parent and Afterschool Resources" link.  This link enables parents to assist their children in their learning and also allows students to strengthen the skills they learn in the classroom with interactive resources as well as printouts.  These additional resources are targeted to specific grade levels to aid in the needs of each Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade level.  This is a link that I would like to incorporate more into my planning as enrichment for all students.

I could list many additional pieces of the Read,Write, website that make it valuable, but just like a great movie, I would be giving all of the good parts away.  When you get a chance, browse this valuable teaching and learning tool and discover the amazing potential it can have in your own classroom or home!