Current Climate of 8th Graders

April 12, 2018

As the end of the school year approaches and I evaluate the current climate of the 8th grade student body I find myself reflecting on the words of famous Greek Philosipher Hericlitus who said “the only constant in the world is change.” The irony being these words, which have not changed, ring just as true today as they did when they were first spoken nearly 2,500 years ago. Our 8th graders are busy preparing themselves for this inevitable change, their days have now become a balancing act between taking care of business at hand, preparing classes and activities for the future, and reflecting on the memories they have created here at LMS without becoming too emotional about the “good ol days.” Many of you reading this, including myself, have experienced similar change and more in our lifetimes. Some of us were ready, some not, many of you may have been excited at prospect of change while others were a bit skeptical or anxious. The encouraging thought is this, we all survived. To those of you reading this with experience in change I encourage you to draw upon that, practice a little more patience and understanding with these students and support them as they pass through this stage in their lives. To any 8th grader reading this...breathe, change is a part of life and there are countless people in the Lexington community willing to help. You’re all going to be fine.