January 16, 2012

The Design Process

From the chair you are sitting on to the laptop computer where you do your homework---everything around us has been designed.  This process has been going on for centuries and will continue as scientists and inventors create new products for our use.  In every instance, each design has been the result of a design process.  The steps in the design process are:

1)   Identifying the problem

2)   Researching the problem

3)   Creating rough sketches of possible solutions to the problem

4)   Selecting the best solution for the problem

5)   Creating a model solution

6)   Testing the model

7)   Redesigning the model as needed

In Tech Ed each quarter, students use this design process in creating a variety of products.  Sixth graders are building Puff-Mobiles, seventh graders are building Towers of Pasta and eighth graders are creating Marble Mazes.  Each of these projects requires students to use limited supplies to create a successful final solution.   Students must use their creative thinking and problem solving skills to work towards the best final product.  Who knows, maybe some of these students will be creating new inventions in the future that we will all be using!