Dual Language Program

October 12, 2011

Dual Language Program

With an increasingly diverse community, our schools are taking the initiative to address new demographics through the Dual Language Program.

As a building block for a promising career in academics, the Dual Language program is a great opportunity for our students to not only enrich their academic experience, but also prepares them to become contributing members of society. The program aims at promoting bilingualism, biliteracy, academic achievement and multicultural awareness.

The importance of having our children learn at least two languages is ever more present. While the melting pot has brewed mostly along our nation's coasts over the decades, it has spilled over and reached the heart of the country. Locally we have seen this first with the influx of immigrants from Latin America and recently with an increase of immigrants from various parts of Africa.   

While our Dual Language program is designed primarily for proficiency in English and Spanish, our diverse student body and our staff has been receptive. Some of their comments about the program include:

"If you are taking a job as a translator you need to know English and Spanish. There are different jobs that require you to know both languages." Rosy Galvan, sixth grade student.

"Being bilingual is much more beneficial than being monolingual. Research seems to indicate that although it takes five to seven years for students to acquire competency in both languages, when students learn in more than one language, there is a significant acceleration in their academic achievement. Clearly the benefits are huge for our kids. I would like to see the Dual Language program implemented district-wide." Mr. Chessmore, Superintendent.

In our endeavor to move forward in fast changing times I believe it is essential for there to be family and community involvement in such programs that further develop our children's education. So we invite you to partner with us as we continue to instill in our students a love for diversity.