Dual Language

September 12, 2014

The New School Year in Dual Language.

In this school year, we started the new process in the dual language program. We would like to describe some activities in which we are working on. We will be experiencing the different genres of music and the most successful singers and composers in this difficult environment.

We are going to make a power point presentation in which the student will be presenting their investigation and in this process the students are going to choose their favorite artist. In this activity the student will select the artist of their preference and then they have to search information related with him /her. In this stage of the process the students will have to include personal details such as: real names, family, the beginnings of their careers, favorites foods, sports, their first and last hit in their musical career etc.

 Continuing with the process, the end of their investigation, the students have to choose one of the many songs of their favorite artist. They are going to prepare their own performance in which they have to sing the song and at the same time have to record themselves and put the performance in their PowerPoint.  They will be presented to the rest of the class. The second option the students can select any song and they can have the opportunity to dance and record this performance.

We are very glad with this new beginning and we hope that, in the rest of the year we can have more fun activities to enjoy the new curriculum of the Dual Language program.