European Middle Ages

May 8, 2018

Students in 7th grade social studies are working on a unit all about the European Middle Ages.   Students have been learning vocabulary, events, and famous people of the era.   The new textbooks the districts purchased this past year have proved to be a great tool for discovering new and exciting topics the old text didn't include, as they stopped at the fall of Rome in 476 AD.   

The last weeks of school will see the students in Mr. Allen's class designing an amusement theme park using all the Medieval language and information they have available in their books.   Students will have the opportunity to create castles in their theme park, or medieval food courts that offer jousting while visitors dine on cuisine of the era.   Roller coasters named after famous people like "Charlemagne's Choo-Choo" or events--such as a "Black Death" themed ride--could pop up in their theme parks as well.

The final project of 2018 will have 7th graders in social studies classes creating news broadcasts of major events that ended the Middle Ages:  The Protestant Reformation, Renaissance, and the Age of Exploration.  Students will learn about and act as though they are reporters live on the scene as Columbus sets sail, or ask Martin Luther about his list of protests he nailed to the door of the church, or even ask Leonardo da Vinci to describe his famous paintings.