Everyone’s a teacher, Everyone’s a learner!

August 26, 2019

In a class titled “Information Technology” how does one keep up with the myriad of systems, devices, applications and innovations taking place in our world today? It is a continuous learning process!

Yes! Even the teacher is a learner! This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in AIR@NE, through the University of NE, Lincoln. AIR@NE provided two courses designed to provide Computer Science content and instructional practices to teachers without previous Computer Science background. Now, I am thrilled to be providing my students collaborative, creative, engaging projects in Computer Science!

Our course begins with explorations with the problem solving process: define, prepare, try, and reflect. One problem solving activity for students was “Save Fred the Worm.” This task involved “rescuing” a gummy worm while only using paperclips! Students creativity and innovation of design were evident in the wide variety of tools constructed to help save Fred.

Students will take their problem solving skills into coding activities at Code.org while identifying how the computer is a tool to assist in solving more complex problems.

The highlight of our coding experiences this year will be with the use of our new robots!  AIR@NE and Tyson Foods through DonorsChoose.org provided funding for robotics equipment providing our classes with 8 Cue robots (complete with arms!) and 4 Sphero BOLT robots.  I look forward to learning even more from my students as they practice problem solving through these engaging tools!