March 19, 2013

6th Grade Fables

The students of Mrs. Andres' language arts classes have been writing fables.  With the help of Mrs. Biehl a few of the fables have been edited and submitted for publication of the school website.  In the next few days you will have the opportunity to read a selection of the fables.

Camel and Penguin

By: Aidan Stuart

            Camel and Penguin have been pen pals for many years.  One day Camel wrote to Penguin and complained about how tired he was of the high temperatures and nothing but sand all around.  Penguin had been thinking about how he was tired of the snow and cold.  Penguin suggested that they switch places for the summer.

            So Camel packed his bags and took a plane to the Antarctic.  Penguin packed his little backpack and caught the plane to the dessert.  Camel was very excited to see all the snow and ice.  Penguin loved sunbathing in the shade of the oasis.  Camel decided to try ice-skating.  He stepped out on to the ice and it cracked.  Camel hurried back to shore.  Penguin decided he wanted to go swimming but he couldn't find any water to swim in. 

           Both Camel and Penguin decided that they were homesick and they quickly decided to go back home.  Once Camel was back home he stretched out to enjoy the warm sand.  Penguin swam in the ocean with his friends.

          The morale of my story: There is no place like home.

"The Panda and the Puppy"

By: Leslie Castenada

          Once there were two animals, a panda and a puppy. They were the best friends in the world. The animals lived behind a waterfall with as much gold as they could think of. One day on a cold, windy, night the panda and the puppy were fighting over the gold. The panda said to the puppy, "The gold is a better friend than you." The puppy got mad and said to the panda, "Fine if the gold is a better friend than me, maybe you don't need me." Then the panda just watched the puppy run away out of the waterfall. The panda tried to forget all about his old best friend and tried to be happy with his gold. The next day the panda was there behind the waterfall playing with his gold. He said to him self, "You can't do as many things with gold as you can do with a puppy". He sighed and said, "I wish I had my best friend back." That night he went to go look for his best friend and found him crying. The puppy was saying, "How could my best friend do this to me?" Then the panda walked up to the puppy and said,  "I'm sorry, I will never do that again. Can you forgive me?" The puppy said, "Yes!" They went back home, and lived happily ever after.

         The moral of this fable is don't neglect old friends for new ones.