November 15, 2016

Facebook in school?!?  Well not exactly.  Students in 7th grade ancient world history had a new and innovative way to present their research on Egyptian pharaohs.  First, each student chose a pharaoh they were interested in.  Then the long research process began while they found the pharaoh’s greatest achievements (along with some other “weird” facts).   The final procedure was then sharing their information with the class via a fake Facebook PowerPoint presentation.  Students really had to know their pharaoh well enough to create a fake conversation wall.  They also described pictures and artifacts of the pharaoh.  Even more creative for students was the chance to make up and share the pharaoh’s “personal activities” such as “hunting hippos along the Nile River.”  The final projects were fascinating and the students were quite proud of themselves.  See your local LMS 7th grader today to check out their Egyptian pharaoh Facebook!