Fall Sports

September 30, 2013

Fall Sports Season

The Fall Sports Season is upon us and it is very exciting.  Students in grades 7 and 8 are able to compete in interscholastic events.  We offer a wide range of opportunities for kids they include (by season):  

Cross Country (Fall)
Volleyball (Fall)
Football (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Wrestling (Winter)
Track (Spring)

Currently our 7th Grade Boys and 8th Grade Boys are undefeated in their football campaigns.  It is very fun to watch the kids compete at a high level.  Our 7th and 8th grade Girls are experiencing some success on the volleyball court as well.  WE want to encourage students to get involved and find a sport that they enjoy while they are at LMS!

We also want parents to come out and support the student athletes.  Please remember to show outstanding sportsmanship while cheering on our teams.  This is the first time many of them have been involved in organized sports and we want to surround them with a positive supportive environment. Our focus at the middle level is fun and fundamentals.  Our coaches will stress the fundamentals, we hope our fans will come out and encourage the fun.  It is NEVER fun when spectators scream and holler derogatory comments at other fans, players, or referees.  So please help support and encourage our youth any chance you have.  We don't even charge for your entry to the event!!!