May 24, 2012

¡It's a Fiesta!

As our 8th graders have explored the many units of History Alive they've discovered how Mexicanos have enriched our society.  Their contributions included food, laws, farming technology, and architecture.  In regards to Mexicanos' style of food, William Davis once wrote:

Their tables were frugally furnished, the food
clean and inviting, consisting mainly of good beef broiled
on an iron rod, or steaks with onions, also
mutton chicken, eggs.....The bread was tortillas; sometimes
made with yeast.  Beans were a staple dish......Their meat
stews were excellent when not too highly
seasoned with red pepper.

To celebrate the many contributions from Mexicanos, the 8th grade teams indulged in a feast complete with traditional elements.  Each student was responsible for bringing one item, food or utensils, as their contribution to the feast.  It was a day of celebration and a final send off for our upcoming freshman.