First Month of Spanish Class

September 18, 2018

In Spanish classes, we spend first week learning a little bit about classmates, our families and ourselves. We were working on speaking and writing about our strengths and weaknesses; what we like and dislike; things we do well and not so well.

This year, students started using iPads instead of computers and, little by little, they are learning about all the possibilities iPads give us to work and, also, they are finding some difficulties on the way. Teachers and students cooperate to solve problems and share findings. Students are eager to help peers and teachers with their discoveries.

In Spanish, we planned this year trying to work without textbook and spending more time working in pair and group activities; speaking and working with i-pads; making use of the new technologies and the multiple choices iPads provide us with. Of course, it depends on students’ good choices to keep doing this kind of activities.

I’ve got this idea of getting rid of the textbook watching videos like the one on the video link below about the acquisition of second languages and speaking the language naturally and not learning grammar rules.