February 27, 2015

Speaking fluency in any language is very important because it allows you to express your ideas, feelings and your points of view with coherence and clarity. For this reason in our Spanish class we are working hard to develop this part in our students. We are focused on making activities that allow growth in this part of the learning. Our students worked on a project with a partner. They had to develop a conversation of what their routine is during the weekend. In their conversation they had to describe what activities they do during these days. They also needed to be specific at what time they have to do these activities and at the same time what kind of actions they needed to use to be able to do the activities. Each student has the responsibility to apply at least one more conjunction that they have learned during this course and what contributed to enrich the vocabulary in this unit. The activity was recorded allowing students to make their own evaluation on how they are doing in this area and create conscience of the importance of practice more in their foreign language to be successful in both languages.