March 2, 2011

Free Admission

freeLexington Middle School Activities are bucking the trend.   We just finished the last basketball game for the season and no one had to pay to get in to see the game!  The cost of attending a game is going up across the state and Lexington is not charging!  Two years ago, LMS made the commitment to stop charging for games.  The attendance of students made an immediate jump.  We have not kept attendance numbers for the events but we have more students in the stands watching the contests.  I believe it is a valuable and sincere gesture by the district to not charge admission into games.  We are committed to providing opportunities for student to show their school spirit.

Many visiting adults have made positive comments about not having to pay for an event.  A family of four, two adults and two children would have had to pay $6.00 to attend the events in the past and that does not include any trips to the concession stand.  The $6.00 price at LMS is much lower than area districts that LMS is competing against. Many places are charging 3 or 4 dollars for adults and 2 or 3 dollars for students.  The same family of four would be potentially paying  $14.00 to attend a Middle School event.  The financial burden many times prevents parents from supporting their children.