Geo Alive

September 15, 2013

Geography Alive!

This year, the 6th grade social studies curriculum received an overhaul. Gone is American History (which is still being covered by the 8th grade) and Geography has taken its place.   This is the only time when geography is covered as an individual subject even through graduation. The new curriculum being use is Geography Alive!

Geography Alive! series is very hands on. As an example, when students first enter the classroom, they are taken on gold hunting expedition in Siberia. Half of the students are the mapmakers and the other half the prospectors. The mapmaker's job is to draw an accurate map so the prospector can find the gold.  The prospector's job is to decide where the gold is using the map their partner drew.  Using this, the students learn what information could have been added which would have made finding the gold easier. This would include grid lines, adding a compass rose, and making a legend.

So 6th grade students, enjoy your around the world adventure. You will learn about distant lands and visit exotic locations with Geography Alive!