Geological Dig

September 29, 2011

8th Graders Visit A Geological Dig!

digEver wondered what would happen if the bus had a flat tire during a field trip?  Well we found out on a recent trip to Lincoln...

The annual 8th grade trip to Schramm Park near Ashland and Morrill Hall on the UNL campus was taken on Wednesday September 28th.   The weather couldn't have been nicer, and the eighty eighth grade Patriots started their day excited to participate in a museum tour on the University campus and get their hands dirty in the rock layers in the geological dig.  

We were split into two groups, and Dr. David Harwood and Steve Fischbein would be leading the students.  A freak blown tire on the boys bus changed plans, and only some shifty scrambling of busses allowed the boys to continue on their trek.   The girls attended the fossil dig at Schramm Park with Dr. Fischbein and his expert students.  While the girls were enjoying a dig discussing and exploring different types of rocks, the boys sat on their bus awaiting a ride into Lincoln.   The girls enjoyed the opportunity to identify various types of fossils while digging through the geological display at Schramm.

After the trip to Schramm, the girls headed to Morrill Hall where they dig2met up with the boys.  At that point all the kids took part in an interactive guide led by University experts throughout the halls of the museum.  The student guides had an intriguing series of questions that our students had to explore in order to find the answers.  As the discussions were taking place, students could be seen hunting and searching for information regarding fossils here in Nebraska.   Students explored the fossils from the trilobites to the largest woolly mammoth specimen, known as "Archie".  We had discussed how the earliest peoples of the Americas had hunted these beasts, and kids really got a sense of the size of the large mammals.

Unfortunately, the boys didn't get the full experience of the geological dig--but were teamed up with a partner who had experienced Schramm--as they continued the exploration at the museum.    While the girls were enjoying the dig site, the boys sat at the off-ramp of I-80 at Beaver Crossing awaiting alternate transportation to Lincoln.  Luckily, our school district had the sixth grade team with multiple busses in the Lincoln area that were available to help transport the boys while the bus was repaired.  A thank you goes out to the team of bus drivers dig3and administrators who worked quickly to safely get everyone to their destinations, with the least amount of complications, under the circumstances. 

After a brief tour of the UNL campus we loaded up the busses and headed home.  A real thank you is owed to Dr Harwood and Fischbein and their helpers.   The program they put together for our students was an excellent hands-on and educational experience for all of our students.   Our eighth grade Liberty team that will attend on Thursday Sept 29th, will no doubt enjoy their trip...assuming the tires hold up!