Go Big Red

October 4, 2011

American Team Goes Big Red

huskers1The 6th Grade American Team kicked off their "GO BIG RED" unit on Monday, September 26 with discussions about the many aspects of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Early Wednesday morning we loaded three buses and headed to Lincoln. Our destination: Haymarket Park and Memorial Stadium.  We started the day touring Haymarket Park, home to the Nebraska Cornhusker's baseball team and the Lincoln Saltdogs. We were able to sit in the Husker's dugout, tour their extravagant locker room, and view the announcer's booth. We stood in the party suites and looked out onto the manicured field before taking a class picture and loading the buses for our next stop.

Our groups couldn't help but stand in awe of the towering Memorial Stadium, home of our beloved Huskers football team.  Students were able to wind down halls adorned with Husker Legends of days past. We peeked through glass windows and watched as athletes worked out and stared at huge trophy cases that stretched to the sky. We even caught a short movie called "The Game-Day Experience" in the Nebraska Football Experience Room! Our students had the opportunity to walk down the tunnel that the football players take on their famous "Tunnel Walk."  The famed lucky horseshoe was not hanging above the doorway for us to slap for good luck because it was already loaded on the truck that would soon be headed to Wisconsin for Nebraska's first Big Ten game against the Wisconsin Badgers. We ran on the football field and stood on the larger than life "N" in the center of the field. We looked up at the new skyboxes on the West side and the new construction on the East side of the stadium. We toured the Hawks Championship Center used by football, soccer, volleyball, and baseball. We'd have to agree that our favorite part of the tours was spotting student athletes as they went about their school day! Will some of our students have the opportunity to study, practice, and compete as student athletes representing the Nebraska Cornhuskers?

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