Good Study Habits

March 5, 2016

Good Study Habits:  A Key to Your Student’s Success

Good study habits help children become independent and confident. It’s important to remember that studying is your child’s job, not yours.  But you can help make study time more successful.

Many student don’t have a regular study time.  They fit their studying around talking on the phone, using the computer, playing on a team or watching television.  As a result, they don’t do much studying at all.

You can’t do the studying for your child, but you can promote good study habits.  The first step is to establish a regular  study time for your child.  Make sure homework takes priority over all your child’s other activities.
Find the best place for your child to study.   

The homework spot should be:
-Well lit. Find a good lamp so your child can see what they’re reading.
-Quiet. Turn off the television and the phone.
-Neat. Your child should be able to find their desk and calculator.
-Well supplied.  In the middle grades, students need pens, paper and pencils.

The best students study every day.  If they don’t have a specific homework assignment they review the main points covered in class or key vocabulary words.

Remember, school is your child’s most important job.  When after-school activities, or other interests, start hurting grades, it may be time to think about giving something up.