December 4, 2011

Do You Show Gratitude Daily?

     The spirit of "Thanksgiving" should be celebrated all year long.  Gratitude promotes positive thinking, and encourages a positive attitude that can become contagious.  The eighth grade Liberty students were asked to write two letters to people who have made a positive difference in their lives.  They were instructed to deliver or mail the letters over the Thanksgiving vacation.

      When asked about the responses of the individuals who received a letter, students glowed with pride as they shared what happened.  Here are a few examples:

       (Letter to parents)  "My mom cried and my dad smiled the rest of the day."

       (Letter to a friend)  "Is this really for me?"

       (Letter to a brother) "Oh, my gosh---I feel so special!"

        (Letter to an older sister)  "I never knew you felt this way."

     These heartfelt letters meant so much to the people who received them.  Wouldn't it be phenomenal if everyone shared gratitude all year long?  Start today with a daily spirit of Thanksgiving...