August 25, 2016

We are back in school and going strong. The first few days are spent getting the little management things done but over all the first three days have been great. 

I want to share the Sixth Grade program this year. 

They will be getting a lot of new information, which will incorporate the G.R.E.A.T. program with the Health Units. Officer Pinkelman who has been trained to teach this program will join us. This is the next step to the G.R.E.A.T. program that your child(ren) took in 5th grade. 

This Unit Covers:

Gangs- Violence Prevention
Being a part of community
Setting goals along with others.
Decisions, making the Right Choices
Getting along with OthersKeeping your Cool
Manage your Anger
How to Solve Problem
Refusing Skill 

I so look forward to a great year.

Mrs. Gnirk – Middle School Health Teacher