Hunger Games

February 20, 2012

Welcome to the Cornucopia!

It's been hard to make it through the year without hearing mention of The Hunger Games.  This action packed novel has quickly become a school favorite.  The characters of Katniss and Peeta (from District 12) have made their way into our world and have us on the edge of our seat.  Just like the brave tributes from District 12, our students had the thrill of entering the cornucopia.   Students were given only 30 seconds to enter the cornucopia and snag as many materials as possible.  The selection of materials included milk cartons, yarn, cardboard boxes, garbage bags, and wrapping paper. These materials, along with an envelope containing tape, scissors, and binder clips, were to be used in the construction of one piece of clothing and one survival tool that would be useful in the arena.  The winning team was chosen based on creativity and usefulness in the arena.   It was an action packed activity where each of our "tributes" was given a chance to shine.  See you at the next Hunger Games!