Keep Reading This Summer!

April 22, 2017

The LMS library likely will not be open during June this year. But we want you to be aware of other opportunities students have for reading this summer.

*Overdrive – A large selection of e-books and audiobooks are available for Lexington students through an Overdrive system that we share with various schools through ESU10. Students will need to read or listen to these books on a computer or other device.

*Follett Shelf – 227 Follett Shelf books are available through our LMS library system, called Destiny Quest.

*TumbleBook Library – Tumblebook Library provides audio story books, read-along chapter books, nonfiction books, National Geographic videos, books in French and Spanish, and some fun puzzles and games. This is a great site to share with your younger children, too!

*Bluford High Audiobooks – The Bluford High series is a collection of books written specifically to be of high interest to middle schoolers. Most of the books are about kids in an urban setting and about the problems they have and how they solve them. The audiobooks are available free online.

All these resources, and instructions for using them, are available on the LMS Library website:

Finally -----  

*Lexington Public Library!!! – The public library is a wonderful place for your students to spend some time this summer.  The library has a great selection of books for middle schoolers—and your students might enjoy seeing some different books than what they’re used to seeing at the LMS library.

It is so important for your middle schooler to keep reading during the summer months to keep that reading muscle strong!