Keep the Driving Moving!

February 26, 2018

We would like to remind everyone to keep the traffic moving around the middle school. While Washington Street is a drop-off  and loading zone, you need to keep the traffic moving. If you are dropping off your student(s), a quick stop to let them out of the vehicle is fine. However, you should not stop in traffic and wait for your student to find you when picking them up. This impedes the flow of traffic! The Middle School has a round circle drive on the South side of the school that works great for pulling up close to the school to waiting for your child. We’d also like to remind you that it is against the law to park behind parked cars anywhere around the school. Many staff at Lexington Middle School have duties at other schools after school and need to leave in a timely manner. Please be courteous drivers and help keep our busy traffic moving around our school!