December 9, 2013

Why Keyboarding?

Keyboarding is back at the Middle School this year for good reason!  Keyboarding is a skill that students will use throughout their Middle and High School careers, in college and in life.   Research has documented that students who learn to keyboard (type) accurately will complete assignments three times faster when typing is required.  Students will also make less errors and typos when typing or logging into websites.  In addition, the presentation of the students' work will look more professional when typed accurately.

Keyboarding is a skill, which requires practice.  Practicing with proper technique will result in learning the keyboard more quickly and being able to use those keyboarding skills in the classroom or the workplace.  Just as in sports, practicing skills correctly results in learning those skills and making them a part of the student's daily use.  In the Middle School, students are using the web-based EduType software program to help them learn the proper keyboarding technique and the letters of the keyboard.