Kids Choice Awards

May 16, 2012

Kids Choice Awards
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We are excited to be hosting our fourth Kids Choice Awards Program this spring at Lexington Middle School. Our first two award programs were called the Fushigi Awards, the third program was call the Random Awards and the fourth program with be the Rubiks Awards.

In generations past it was an honor to have good work hung on the refrigerator door. Does anyone remember the pride and accomplishment when your mother took that outstanding homework project or art project and stuck it to the refrigerator door? For our students the refrigerator door as been replaced by a website to show their work off to the world.

The idea of having a Kids Choice Awards came from a conversation in a car on the drive back from the ISTE conference in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2010. We had just heard Alan November talk about encouraging and inspiring students to create their best work. This idea that Alan November presented lead us to a discussion about two main themes.
The first was, why are are students not completing assignments or projects with their best work? The second question was how can we  motivate our students to do their best work? The answer we came up with was that we needed to recognize outstanding work. We needed to hold it up to the rest of our students and show them what was possible and to be proud of doing your best work. This needed to be big this need to be beyond the classroom, this needed to involve the community. But that wasn't big enough this needed to involve the world, and so the idea was started a Kids Choice Awards to be hosted the day before Winter Break and another program to be hosted the day before Summer Vacation. The vision for two awards shows each year was to showcase outstanding student work sooner and to allow other students and opportunity to see what their peers where creating and then still have time to raise their level of work. We felt like just having one at the end of the year would not allow students a chance to improve on their projects and would maybe lose that motivation in the summer.

Has the Kids Choice Program been a success?  Like anything and everything you have differ opinions. Some teachers and students really enjoy the program while others are not so sure about it. Let's look at some statistics and then you can form your own opinion. The first program which was called the Fushigi Awards after the Fushigi Ball that was given as an award to each winner had 98 projects in 7 different categories nominated by 9 teachers. This program, 1 year later will have around 300 student projects in 18 different categories nominated by over 20 different teachers. It is a good deal that we have this site, because we would never find a refrigerator door large enough for all those projects.

Please browse our previous Kids Choice Program websites:

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We would also like to invite you to follow our program live on ustream.  This is our way of sharing our Kids Choice Awards with the world.