Lang Arts

March 2, 2014

Works Cited Page

For the past few weeks in language arts, we have been working on research related topics. Students have been laboring over source cards, learning how to format a works cited page, and discovering the ins and outs of in-text citations. The whole research process can be quite confusing and time intensive, and learning how to navigate the world of online research can be a daunting task for many students. Of course, 8th graders can always be counted on to break through the monotony! While making a citation for a book published by Reader's Digest Young Families, one confused (and slightly horrified) student asked me why the book kept saying that readers digest young families. After explaining the meaning of the word "digest" and the importance of apostrophes, I'm still not certain he completely understood. It did, however, make the day a little more fun! As we continue, we will be delving into persuasive essays that incorporate the research process. Students will be learning the art of linguistic persuasion and putting their research knowledge to work.