Learn Online

February 6, 2012


Lately we have been using a lot of online tools in our science class (6th grade Dual Language National Team). It's a great way for students to enjoy creating science-related projects and make the content relevant to them, to take it "out of the book" and turn it into something they create, something they can relate to and be proud of, where they can express themselves and learn at the same time.


We used an online slideshow tool called Photopeach to create slideshows showing the concepts from the following lessons in the Science book: "How forces act on objects" and "How does gravity affects objects". After publishing their slideshows online and including their own quizzes, they peer-reviewed their classmates's projects and commented on their presentations. Then they got to fix errors, mispellings or incorporate suggestions. Great job, students!

Find a list of  links to their works here:


Below this paragraph you will find a list of links to our online posters (a.k.a. "Glogs") about the Three Laws of Motion. The students were given a Rubric with all they needed to include in the poster (About Isaac Newton, the 3 Laws of Motion, examples, pictures, links and videos). Then they posted their creations online and they even created a community where they could take a look at the posters made by their classmates, send messages, etc. It was really fun and they learned a lot about the Three Laws of Motion.

A list of links to the student's Glogs:

Read more about online posters here: