LMS Alternative Ed

February 22, 2016

Second semester in Alternative Education at LMS is off to a hot start. A majority of the students enrolled in the program have begun their transition back into regular education with one regular education Core and Explore class on their schedules. We are hoping that they show great progress and earn more classes back so that by the end of school year they have a schedule full of regular education classes.

In Science we have began our Life Science unit. Our focus to start the semester has been on the Cell. The students have been working hard on learning about the cell from its basic structure to the function of all the different organelles found within them. Before conferences they worked on completing cell posters with all of the organelles labeled and explained. The next step is learning about the levels of organization in organisms starting from the cellular level up to the structure of the organism and its organs systems.

As the weather turns the corner and things begin to heat up outside we hope the students levels of interest and focus do also.