LMS Fall Book Fair

January 22, 2018

Last semester, we hosted a Wild West Scholastic Book Fair.  The week-long event began with a teacher preview and public opening on the day of our fall Parent-Teacher conference. The aim of the fair was threefold: 1) to get books into our students’ homes, 2) to get some new library books with our profits, and 3) to promote reading in general. 

We had lucky locker drawings each day as well as the “I Wish I Could Win” and “Guess the number of “Cow Tails” contests.  A fantastic student crew helped with all aspects of the fair. 

Principal West made a promise that if we reached our earnings goal of $5,000, we could have horse races.  We hit the mark and had a great time watching students and staff race on homemade pool noodle ponies and jumper balls.  Mr. West stole the show in his cowboy hat, chaps, and phenomenal galloping skills!

Thanks to everyone who supported the fair.  We are enjoying many new books in the library that were purchased with book fair profits.