Majestic Theatre Contest

October 30, 2017

The 7th grade Digital Art students are working with the local movie theatre to design artwork that will be featured on the drink cups and popcorn buckets for 2018. It was a challenge for the students due to the fact that the design was to be monochromatic. The inability of the students to use color in their designs forced them to think outside the box and problem solve. The use of value and contrast between light and dark, coupled with their creativity, led them to some amazing results. I am very proud of them and what they were able to achieve given the constraints placed upon them.

The Majestic Theatre will select two designs to be featured on the cups/buckets from all of the designs submitted by our students. The selected students will then receive a new cup and bucket from the Majestic.  There will only be two designs selected in the end but they are all winners and should be proud of the effort and skill they put forward. 

Design example created by Abel Flores