January 24, 2014

Happening Now in 8th Grade Math

In the 8th grade we are beginning to buckle down and prepare ourselves for the NeSA Test coming up in April. Everyday, we are beginning each period with a quick quiz over a standard that we will be tested over. This way the teachers are able to see who still needs to master that specific standard.

What if a student gets the question incorrect?  Within that same period, there will be a quick lesson to discuss that concept and help the students understand where they are making a mistake.

What will this mean to the students? The goal is to help students take ownership for their scores on the upcoming NeSA test. If they can pinpoint mistakes that they have been making, they will have the opportunity to increase their score on the test.

Our goal is to help the students succeed. With the support of teachers, students, and family members, these students are definitely capable of doing well on this upcoming test!

-8th Grade Liberty and Patriot Teams