Middle School Summer Activities

April 29, 2015

Summer activities for kids should be fun and enjoyable. Children who stay at
home and are not involved in any sort of physical or mental exercise can get lazy
and they will feel tired and exhausted when the time comes to
go to school. Keep your child learning and thinking all summer long!

•Get outdoors. Take a hike, walk, or bike ride in your community. Plant a
garden. Go fishing or hunting.  Stay active!

•Visit your local library.
Many libraries offer free summer reading programs and special events.
Explore an interest through reading.

•Volunteer. Many camps, community centers, nursing homes, animal
shelters, churches, and other businesses often have opportunities for
students to volunteer.

•Attend summer school. Summer programs can help catch up on classwork,
get ahead in an area of interest, or explore a new area such as a sport or art.

•Get a job. Fourteen year olds can apply for a workers permit. Mowing
lawns, caring for animals, or helping with young children can give your
child a chance to learn time and money management skills.

•Join a team.
Check out 4H, community centers, the Y, and other opportunities to participate in summer leagues for soccer, baseball, or other sports in your community.

•Visit local museums or parks. Many communities offer free
concerts,movies, and workshops throughout the summer.

(From the U.S. Dept of Education)