March 25, 2014

Migration Streams

Migration streams have been the recent topic in Geography.  By studying these migration streams we could recognize what continents migrants were emigrating from and where they were immigrating to.  Students also defined push and pull factors.  Push factors are why people leave their homeland and pull factors are things that encourage people to go to another country.  My students had great insight when it came to the push and pull factors.  Some of them commented that their family moved to the United States to find better jobs and schooling (pull factors).  Others said that it was no longer safe to live in their home country so they moved to the United States (push factor).  We also had a meaningful discussion about how immigrants affected the new country they were living in and how their home country was effected by their migration. Although some of my students may be the most recent migrants I also informed them that my ancestors moved to the United States too.  After all our country was built by migrants from around the world.