Milestone Project

April 24, 2017

As our school year rounds the final turn the 8th grade Liberty team students are starting a Milestones Project.  They are working on a PowerPoint presentation about themselves.  They are asked to present about major milestones in their life.  The first section is all about them including: their name, age, what they are proud, favorite thing, life growing up and the person they admire.  The students will also talk about their family, school activities and current events.  Students will consider things about school such as: teachers, what they love, school lunches, and classmates. Students will be given the opportunity to discuss their favorites when it comes to books, music, movies, TV shows, sports, games, clothes and places to go.  They are encouraged to add pictures and information about their friends as well. The future plans should be interesting to read as well as for students to look back on in five or ten years. Oh how things can change compared to where on would think they would be in a few years. The point of this activity is to require students to reflect on their life and how they have changed since entering middle school.  Hopefully they will look back in high school and see they are continually improving themselves as they prepare for the post-secondary world.