National History Day

January 25, 2017

Students in 7th grade social studies classes are getting geared up for National History Day celebrated at LMS on Monday February 6th after school. Mr. Allen and Mrs. Risinger are having students work on project that are connected to the National History Day's theme of "Taking a Stand in History". Topics range from Martin Luther standing up against the Catholic Church to Thomas Jefferson and others standing up against King George, and other topics including Nelson Mandela, Pancho Villa, Martin Luther King JR, and many, many others...

Students are spending a week long exploration researching their topics, creating either a Term Paper, Electronic Documentary, or an Exhibit Board. Students will be presenting their projects to a history judge that will come in and evaluate the projects. Students were introduced to the project in 7th grade social studies classes on Monday January 23rd. After spending the week in class working, additional work outside of class was allowed preparing for the History Night Event on Monday February 6th, which will begin at approximately 3:45, and will continue for a couple of hours until the projects have all been evaluated.
As an added bonus, Mr. Allen's class is fortunate enough to get the opportunity to invite in and work with Mr. Bernardo Revelo a student teaching candidate from UNK. Mr. Revelo is assisting in working on the National History Day projects, and looking forward to teaching the 7th graders the Greek and Rome Units in the coming weeks.