New Program in ELL

April 20, 2015

Many ELL students at the middle school are benefiting from the new program that was implemented in January. The new reading program is System 44, it has 4 components to it. A sections on the computer, then a workbook page for practicing what was taught, a reading digest to again practice the skill that was just taught, and then a library book.  There is also small group or one on one instruction when there are areas where a student is struggling. This program is helping our students here become better readers, which will in turn make them better learners. It starts them out with the vary basics of understanding the alphabet and the sounds letter make and then build their vocabulary and understanding of correctly reading and comprehending the English language. Many students have moved quick through different parts of the program, and other are moving at their pace and mastering areas that are new to them. Overall the program has been awesome to have for these kiddos, small celebrations are had daily with the growth the kids have shown!