Opening Communications

March 12, 2015

Opening Communication and Breaking Down Walls of Anger

 Do you ever get the feeling like your child is always angry?  Does it seem like there is nothing you can do to help?  These feelings can be overwhelming for even the calmest of parents.  However, anger doesn’t always have to be a topic that is avoided at the dinner table. Instead open the discussion and learn more about yourself and your child in the process.

 How Can I Talk About Anger Without Becoming Angry?

 Often, as parents we feel that if we try to confront our children when they are angry or upset, they can become even more upset.  Instead of diving right into your child’s problem, make approaching the subject easy and fun with a game.  Grab a bag of M&M’s and have both you and your child grab a handful.   Once you both have plenty of M&M’s in your hands the tough part begins.  Because everyone would rather let the chocolate melt in their mouths and not in their hands, you need to follow the chart below to be able to eat your yummy candy. 

 Once you’ve talked about the colors in your hand with each other, the reward is getting to eat the M&M’s.  Some colors are M&M’s will be harder to answer than others, but they are just a starting point.  Now that you’ve opened the lines of communication with your child, you can break in to deeper and further discussions about frustrations you may have in your own personal lives.

            The teenage years are often the most difficult time to talk with your child.  However, if we don’t who will?  So the next time your child seems stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, or angry, break out a bag of M&M’s and open up some quality conversations with your child.