Outcasts United

April 30, 2013

"Outcasts United"

by Warren St. John

            Mrs. Sullivan's sixth grade reading class just got done reading this wonderful book together. It is a wonderful true-story written by a writer for the New York Times. He follows the remarkable journey of Luma Mufleh, who was born and raised in Jordan; she was raised in a very wealthy Muslim family and attended college in the United States. She was then cut-off from her family when she made the decision to stay in the United States instead of returning to Jordan with her family. Luma stumbles upon a town in Georgia named Clarkston, a suburb of Atlanta. Clarkston is a community where resettlement agencies have placed thousands of refugees from many different countries. While driving through the community she sees a group of young refugee boys playing pick-up soccer games, she decides to form a soccer team for these young boys. The book follows Luma and the boys through this journey, and gives some of the back-stories of the countries that they were from and why their family has left their home. The book comes in two forms, the young adult version, which is what our class read together, and the adult version; the adult version is different only in the fact that it gives more information and more stories on the different boys. After we finished reading the book, we watched some news stories about the team and read an article from Sports Illustrated about them, if you are interested in any of this information, the resources can be found at this website; http://fugeesfamily.org/

Here is what some of the students had to say about the book:

"What did you learn from the book?"

  • I learned to NEVER give up on your DREAM.
  • I learned that if you try hard you could achieve anything.
  • I learned to practice more and more to get better.
  • I learned that Luma is a very giving person and she cared for all of them.
  • I learned that everything takes practice.
  • I learned that Luma really cared about them and that she treated them like her own children.
  • To never give up when you are sad.
  • I learned that not a lot of people have parents and they live with other relatives but they stay strong and do their best!!
  • I learned that just because they may be better than you to keep trying until you succeed.
  • I learned that Luma cared about their future and wanted to make it better.
  • I learned that Luma is a very nice person because she gathered a group of poor boys that came from different cultures to play on her soccer team.

"What was your favorite part of the book?"

  • My favorite part was when The Fugees got a new field.
  • My favorite part was when Luma helped the kids with there HOMEWORK and took them Trick or Treating.
  • My favorite part was when Luma took them trick or treating.
  • My favorite part is when they play the soccer games.
  • My Favorite part was when the Fugees won the game.
  • My favorite part of the book was when Luma took the Fugees out to eat at an all you can eat place and they got a lot of things to eat.
  • My favorite part is when the Fugees went to the Tornado Cup.
  • My favorite part was when she took the kids to an all you can eat buffet.